How to get a loan immediately?

Borrow money without risk, literally in minutes, because it’s a simple matter

Without the risk that neighbors and acquaintances would learn something similar. Without the need to provide truly confidential personal information. Without waiting, which is often directly obnoxious and costs a lot of psychic power. No, today’s loans work quite simply, maybe when you wonder – if by chance you have no personal experience with them yet. But this can change today!

A short form, several other documents and a loan nothing prevents

loan documents

Just a minimum of personal data is a guarantee of trust, isn’t it? No one will find out how many square meters your apartment unit has or whether you have two dogs at home. We would go too deeply and it should be added that no one would like such behavior. It is not a mortgage loan, but only a relatively small loan. And there’s no need for personal information, as if we were somewhere confessed, right? All you need is your name, surname, permanent address, but also a scan of your ID card and your bank statement for the last quarter. And that is basically everything, including contact information – email, telephone and, of course, the bank account number to which they are to get the requested funds. Just loan as soon as it should be!

Safety? Of course, this is absolutely guaranteed, personal information is sacred to us

personal loan

We will not send personal data to anyone and we will not share it with anyone. At SOS Credit, we do not play any games, but protect your information so that it is safe from all threats, including cyber threats. Do not expect any extra fees, we are talking only about the principal and interest, nothing more definitely pay. And by the way, a loan application can come at any time, and we mean night hours. You can remember on Sundays or public holidays, as our computer machine processes requests regardless of the normal working hours…

Is it going faster than the bank? Of course, you won’t fill out long forms here

credit loan

Absence of bureaucracy. This is also an advantage of non-bank lending compared to when you apply for a bank loan. You do not need a guarantor, we will not talk about any material security. Just acting to your liking. Individual access to each loan applicant is guaranteed. Finally, you will also have your personal profile on the web, where you can easily check all the important data.

Long-term relationship with a satisfied client, that is exactly our goal

Client satisfaction is very important in every case. Therefore, we do absolutely everything we can for her. Do you want to borrow a thousand crowns per week? Or fifteen thousand for up to four weeks? Is it necessary to extend the due date because you are not able to meet the original payment schedule? Of course, none of this is a problem. And what do you need to meet the basic requirements and get the loan approved in a short time?

  • Majority. Or we do not lend minors, of course, this is not even possible by law.
  • Permanent residence in the Czech Republic. However, dormitories, municipalities and reporting offices are not included.
  • Own bank account. Proven right of disposal to the bank account of a third adult.
  • Permanent income which can be substantiated. Scan the last three monthly account statements.

And that is almost all, of course there is also indebtedness, because in similar cases, it is possible to apply for a loan immediately after you have settled your original obligations. You will also get the loan only to the account, the times of postal bills have rang long ago, it is an outdated survival, which you will certainly recognize.